Posted on 4/17/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

False Fire Alarm Hidden River Lodge

The residents of Hidden River Lodge in Keystone Resort woke up to a false fire alarm this morning.  The lights were flashing and sirens letting everyone know that they needed to evacuate the building just in time for a spring morning snow shower outside of Hidden River Lodge.  According to top secret sources the firemen were in full force and went through room by room with the Keystone Emergency Services folks.  The Firemen searched every room at Hidden River Lodge before finally finding the source of the smoke. Our Top secret informants claimed this took hours, but after all it was early morning and that could equal what was a fun gathering of residents for an early morning community shower.  The source of the smoke was coming from the housekeeper in the garage who was just cleaning up after a long ski season of dirt and snow melt, apparently when you mix the wrong oil in the two stroke gas blower and then stay in a garage with limited air flow that results in a free wake up call for everyone at Hidden River Lodge!  So remember to enjoy the little things in life when on vacation in Keystone and clean up your condo, you never know when your hunk fire fighter comes into your bedroom only to find a  mess? Thanks to all the hard working emergency responders, always good to see such amazing response times in case it were an emergency.
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