Posted on 3/22/2023 by Alyssa Hubbard

If Youre Feeling the Effects of Altitude Rent Oxygen Can Help

Rent Oxygen saved our vacation! We traveled to Keystone, Colorado from a lower elevation, and on the first day my husband, my oldest son, and I were struggling to feel well. Our youngest felt fine. The three of us had headaches and felt very tired. My husband even felt nauseous. We walked up a short flight of stairs, and we could not catch our breath. Our lodging company, SummitCove, gave us a coupon book, and I saw a coupon for oxygen delivery. I went on Rent Oxygen's website and read about AMS, Acute Mountain Sickness or Altitude Sickness. We had all the symptoms, and I had a coupon so I figured it couldn't hurt to try oxygen. We only had three days to ski, and there was no way the three of us could ski feeling this sick. We were desperate, and Rent Oxygen saved us!

Within a few hours of ordering the oxygen concentrator online, Rent Oxygen was at our condo! We were extremely lucky to get an oxygen concentrator at the last minute. Apparently, we are not the only sea level family coming to the high country, and most people reserved their oxygen ahead of time. The friendly tech brought the concentrator inside, set it up, and showed us how to use it. Rent Oxygen offers several different oxygen machines. They have stationary, portable and even battery operated oxygen concentrators. I ordered the Everflo stationary concentrator and the splitter which enables two people to use the concentrator at the same time. It was easy to move wherever we wanted because it had wheels. It was also very simple to use.

My husband and son sucked on oxygen first. Then I had a turn. We did start to feel better, and the hubby’s nauseousness was subsiding. My youngest was happy we could leave the condo for dinner. I was relieved too because who wants to sit in a condo on their ski vacation? After dinner our headaches were gone, but we were not 100% yet. We still felt tired and would run out of breath easily. Throughout the rest of the evening all three of us would use the oxygen concentrator, and all three of us kept feeling better and better. The oxygen was like magic!

After a great night's sleep we woke up feeling fantastic! Our energy levels were back, and we were ready to go skiing! My husband and I skied for half a day. We were breathing much better, but we didn’t want to overdo it. My oldest son was on the slopes all day with our youngest son. It was like he was never sick with AMS! The next two days my husband and I felt robust and were able to ski full days with our kids! I was so grateful that we were able to spend that time together, thanks to Rent Oxygen.

When you are sick and traveling you need easy access to help, and Rent Oxygen provides that! They are full service, and when our amazing vacation was over Rent Oxygen came back to the condo and picked up the oxygen concentrator. Each person we talked to had great customer service and made the process simple. We will be forever grateful that we did not spend our entire vacation feeling sick nor did we get worse and end up in the hospital. Next time we come I am reserving our oxygen concentrator in advance from Rent Oxygen and hopefully avoid ever feeling the symptoms of altitude sickness again!

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