Posted on 4/18/2020 by Alyssa Hubbard

Should You Install a Murphy Bed in Your Vacation Rental Property?

Are you in the process of renovating your vacation rental property, or perhaps buying a property to rent as a vacation rental?  You will definitely need to consider the amenities you are adding to your property. We have managed vacation rentals in Keystone, Colorado for nearly 20 years and have found that money spent on a few key upgrades make a big difference in annual rental revenue. Whenever homeowners ask me about the features that will make their property stand out from the rest, my answer is always bedding.  You want the largest, most comfortable bedding options in every single space in the property.     Should you install a murphy bed in your vacation rental?  Let's say you have already outfitted your master bedroom with a king sized bed and have included the most comfortable, attractive linens you can find.  My next suggestion is to get a Murphy bed into the living room. A murphy bed folds into the wall, so it doesn't take up much extra space and is so much more comfortable than the folding pullout sofa bed.  If you already have a sofa bed, leave it there, but consider upgrading the mattress or at least adding a mattress topper. With both a sofa bed and a murphy bed in your property, you will have sleeping space for 4 people in the living room, maximizing your capacity. If you don't want to advertise sleeping space for 4 in the living room, two beds for two singles is always better than guest having to share one.    What is the ideal property for a murphy bed? Typically, any property with 3 bedrooms or less will benefit most from a murphy bed.  We advertise 1 and 2 bedrooms that have Murphy beds as "oversized" and that is a real selling point for families that are trying to stretch their budgets and sleep more people without having to 'pay' for an additional bedroom. If a family of 4 is considering a one bedroom property, they prefer to have two separate sleeping spaces for the kids. If four single people are traveling together, they prefer having four different sleeping spaces that a two bedroom with a sleeper sofa and Murphy provide.    What about comforters and linens? If the linens in your property are more than 4  years old, it is probably time to upgrade.  If you still have original comforters, this is an absolute must.  Guests want to feel like things are clean and cozy.  Tattered comforters, eccentric florals, dated quilts... none of them offer that modern, clean feel. Replace with light patterns and modern designs, something that will bring new life into your room and make guests feel like they are staying in a luxury hotel rather than their grandmother's guesthouse.   [caption id="attachment_30836" align="alignnone" width="600"] Comfortable, Modern Bedding[/caption]   Again, adding the largest and most comfortable sleeping spaces you can provide your guests with will make your property more desirable than all of the competition.  You can't change your view or proximity to the slopes, but you can certainly add a murphy bed, mattress toppers and comfortable and modern bed linens to your property!  SummitCove Property Management has a host of other resources and services we can share if you are considering upgrading your vacation rental property.  We can help you install a new murphy bed as well as help you pick out new linens. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you, (970) 368-7023.
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