Posted on 11/21/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

Is the news of lots of early season snow in Colorado true?

There have been many stories about the snow in Colorado and more importantly, in Keystone Resort this season.  Up until late October there had not been fact, it was getting downright sketchy if Keystone would be able to open by Nov 5th with the warm temperatures.  Well, all the hype IS TRUE that you're hearing.  The mountains of Colorado and Keystone are ABOVE AVERAGE right now for snowfall.....and the Outback at Keystone has over 4 FEET of snow already!

"But Denver does not have much can it be snowy in Keystone?"

Great question.  Weather in Colorado is a bit different.  Many people think that when it snows in Denver, the mountains get hammered with snow.  That IS true, but the bigger storms that create a "downslope effect" as we call it locally, keep Denver dry as a bone.  The typical scenario is when you arrive at the airport and look to the West.  You can see the foothills, but not the peaks of the Mountains.  Yet, it is completely blue sky in Denver.....and a bit windy.  That exact situation is what creates snow that is FEET DEEP in most ski areas.

That same scenario has unfolded about 3 times this year and Keystone has some of the best early season snow we have seen in years!  Get here matter how!

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