Posted on 9/3/2011 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystone Adds Photos to the 2011/2012 Epic Mix Pass!

This year, your on-mountain experience at Keystone is undergoing a change.  Gone are the days when you told friends about your ski trip days or weeks after the fact.  Keystone Resort is doing away with paper passes, and skiers and riders can expect to use the Epic Mix pass, which is a more durable, reusable card.  All cards will be loaded with Radio Frequency scanners to enable sharing which will be loaded with both daily lift tickets and season passes this season.

On-mountain photographers will scan to deliver the pictures they take of you with your EpicMix account free of charge. The new photo sharing functionality officially launches in mid-December 2011, and it's another exciting addition for anyone who wishes to share their day of skiing!

For those who are not familiar with Epic Mix, this is an online and mobile application for skiers and riders.  In the past, the embedded radio frequency scanner (RF scanner) allowed for tracking time on lifts, average runs per day, and vertical descent.  With the current additions and updates, users will also be able to use more social media sharing, check-ins and photo sharing through several websites.   Skiers and riders can also disable the RF chip if they do not wish to share their experiences.

If you're excited about these changes and anxious to plan your ski vacation, contact SummitCove!  We'll help you find the perfect lodging as you track and share your ski trip with friends and family!

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