Posted on 11/15/2011 by Alyssa Hubbard

Keystone Lake One Week Ago: Skating Season is Almost Here!

Keystone Lake is gearing up for skating season!  This photo was taken about a week ago at Keystone's Lakeside Village, and the lake is now almost completely frozen over. Soon they will begin prepping the lake for winter ice skating, which is scheduled to open for the season on December 2nd. Weather permitting the Lakeside Village Ice Rink plans on having some skating open for Thanksgiving, so keep your fingers crossed!  The ice skating rink at Lakeside Village is very unique, as it is the largest outdoor Zamboni- maintained skating rink in North America at 5 acres!  Throughout the winter you will see people ice skating, playing pick-up hockey games, and even participating in broom-ball tournaments.  The rink is especially dreamy around Christmas time when a huge lighted Christmas tree goes up right in the middle of the rink.

SummitCove has some great properties in Lakeside Village, where you can literally see the lake from your living room!  Check out some of our favorite Lakeside Village Properties in Keystone: Lakeshore 1561 and Willows 1703.  These properties are perfect if you are looking to stay in a cozy, quieter village in Keystone that is within walking distance to the rink, shops, spa, and restaurants and all have spectacular views of the Lake and surrounding mountains!  Keystone Lake really is an ice skating heaven, book your stay in Lakeside Village today!

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