Posted on 9/16/2016 by Alyssa Hubbard

What Happens When Your Guests Stay with Some Other Keystone Property Managers

Guests visit Keystone every day of the year...some times of the year more than others. What kind of an impression do you want your guests to have when they visit and stay in your property?  At SummitCove, working to make our guest experience downright amazing starts much earlier than you think and we work hard to make a lasting impression that results in a second visit from your guest.

On average, it takes guests 3 weeks to plan their vacation and decide where they want to stay.  This is a huge amount of time invested in researching prices, availability and features of each property.  For most people, a vacation is expensive, very personal, and people work hard to ensure their memories will be awesome for their family.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and your guests deserve the best when they arrive to your property.  If your first impression goes well, the chances of gaining a repeat guest skyrocket.   Does this picture give a good impression and great arrival experience?

Of course not.  The guest might get a confirmation from a property manager that simply takes them directly to their property instead and there is no need to pick up keys.  Sounds great in our "sharing economy" where we do everything electronically, but a guest interaction is missed when this happens and the opportunity to gain this guest as a repeat guest again falls. What kind of greeting message does the guest get when met with something like this?  

Welcome to Keystone...good luck if the lock code in your confirmation does not work or if you didn't receive good directions to even get to the property!  We think it is important to greet incoming guests in-person, with a smile. It's so much easier for the guest to check-in with a guest services agent who is ready to help after a long day's travel, whether it's to give directions or just to offer where they can grab a quick bite to eat. 

We at SummitCove Lodging understand the entire process required to gain a first-time guest and convert that guest into a repeat guest.  We have at least 14 touchpoints with guests from the time they visit our website and then ultimately depart from your property. Every one of those touch points makes the guest experience more personal and serves a specific purpose - to gain that guest back again as a repeat guest.

Why chance losing guests with a property manager who does not understand basic concepts in customer service?  SummitCove Lodging is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with someone here at our office ready to smile and greet your guests and make sure they have a wonderful and memorable stay.  

Written By: Peter Reeburgh

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