Posted on 8/3/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

Norski Sports Bike Rentals in River Run

Keystone has the best bike paths. When we come on our summer vacation we always rent bikes from Norski Sports. They have a great selection of bikes and they are all like new! We usually rent a few adult cruisers and three kids bikes. This summer was a little different because we had our friends with us that have a toddler. We didn’t want to leave any one out of the bike riding so we were very pleased to find out that we could also rent a Burley Kid Trailer.

The cruiser bikes are $55.00/day, the kids bikes are $39.00/day and the kid trailer was $30.00/day. We did pay about 20% less on these prices because our lodging company, SummitCove Vacation Lodging, had a discount for their guests.

Norski also offers Cruiser E-bikes or electric pedal assist bikes for $129.00/day. They also rent demo mountain bikes for $170.00/day and Downhill Bikes for $149.00/day. Maybe some year we will try an e-bike or mountain bike ride from the top of Keystone mountain, but right now with younger kids we are happy on the paved bike path with our cruisers.

We like to stay in Lakeside Village because we are right on the bike path and right on the lake. The lake offers fun activities like paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing There is also a small playground and a bungee trampoline. This year we stayed in Decatur 1806, and it has gorgeous lake and mountain views. There was also a single bed in the master bedroom so our youngest could sleep in there with my husband and me, allowing the two older kids to stay up later in the second bedroom. We liked this condo so much that we will request it from SummitCove Lodging when we return next year.

Norski is in River Run Village so that is where we pick up our bikes. We leave the condo in Lakeside Village and hop the free shuttle to River Run Village. Once we pick up our bikes from Norski we ride them back to the condo in Lakeside Village. It takes about 10-15 minutes to ride from River Run Village to Lakeside Village, and we are not fast riders. We stop and look at wildflowers and the Snake River. One time we saw two moose back in the brush, which made us hussle back on our bikes. It was incredible to see the moose, but it was also a little intimidating because you never know if they will charge at you or not.

We will continue to rent bikes from Norski every year. The customer service is amazing, and if we have any issues with our bikes we can go back to Norski and they fix the bike. We have only had one flat tire in the five years we have been renting bikes from Norski. We appreciate their attention to safety and making sure all their bikes are in top condition. One word of advice is to book your bikes in advance. Norski Sports is a popular place!

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