Posted on 11/24/2014 by Alyssa Hubbard

Owner Testimonial - Silver Mill in Keystone Colorado

I have been very happy with SummitCove since the first day that I've decided to use them as the property management company for my condos. SummitCove addresses my concerns promptly, and in a friendly yet professional way. The staff pays close attention to the comfort and well-being of my guests. The cleaning staff leaves the condos feeling like luxury hotel rooms with their uniquely folded towels and extra comforts of home. My condos have been listed on numerous websites over the past eight years, yet SummitCove is responsible for booking more than 75% of my rentals. I am very satisfied with the income that I have earned from renting my condo and I would recommend SummitCove to all Keystone property owners.


Linda J

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