Posted on 2/21/2010 by Alyssa Hubbard

River Rafting Trips near Keystone

River Rafting has become very popular in Colorado over the years and is a great family adventure to cool off a bit during the summer heat. Summit County is one of the most scenic counties in Colorado, with four different rivers to choose from for your river rafting trip: The Blue River, terrific for a half day rafting trip; Clear Creek, terrific for half and full day rafting trips; The Colorado River, which starts right in Frisco, close to Keystone; and finally, the Arkansas River in Buena Vista with some of the most amazing views of the Collegiate Peaks and Arkansas River Valley.

Things to consider when you're planning a river rafting trip in Summit County:

- Make sure that you pick a trip that suits your entire group or family's abilities
- Find a river rafting trip that is convenient to Keystone or your lodging location
- Plan the length of the trip you'd like to take, a half day, full day, or multi-day
- What kind of rafting you want to participate in... floating or exciting whitewater
- What kind of participation level do you want during your trip?
- What times do the river rafting trips depart and return?
- What is provided, if anything, for lunch or meals?

You'll also want to check with your river raft tour company to see what they recommend you wear and bring with you for your river rafting trip. Check with your river raft company to see if they have any special offers through any retailers or wholesale clubs as well.

A great river rafting company close to Keystone is Good Times Rafting. Good Times can give you and your group the adventure river raft tour you're looking for! There are plenty of specials and packages to choose from to make sure that you take part in exactly what you're looking for.

Visit Good Times Rafting or call them at 800-808-0357 for more information on how to schedule your river rafting trip today for your summer vacation while you're in Keystone!

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