Posted on 7/20/2019 by Alyssa Hubbard

How to Save Money When Booking a Vacation Rental in Keystone, Colorado

There are numerous ways to book vacation rentals on the web these days.  AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, Expedia....the list is literally endless.  As bigger and bigger travel companies have joined the market  in the last 10 years, extra fees to travellers have been added to reservations and prices have risen.

So...what strategies can you utilize to ensure you are getting the best price on a vacation rental in Keystone?  Book directly with the property manager.


But - how do you find the property manager who actually manages the property?  This is the hard part since all of these travel sites attempt to obfuscate the manager from the listing in order to charge higher fees and they also use scare tactics to never do business with anyone outside their own platform.  If you put in the work to find the property manager for a property and book directly, you will save yourself some money for a just few extra minutes of your time.


The first way of finding a manager is to simply type "Keystone Vacation Rentals" into Google.  These larger companies will rank at the top since they pay tons of money for those placements.  Go ahead and look further down the search results page or even on the second page to find a local manager and bypass all of the bigger companies.


Booking directly with a property manager will save you on all sorts of extra traveller fees that the larger travel aggregators charge.  You will also get local expertise and customer service which is much easier than trying to call into a major call center and talk to someone about your vacation. Many of these companies also offer additional perks, discounts and benefits.  SummitCove Lodging offers exclusive guest discounts on your transportation, dining, equipment rentals, activities and more!

  Springs Vacation Rental at Keystone Ski Resort

One listing company actually promotes booking directly with a property manager. is a great partner, so next time you are looking for a vacation rental and want to be connected directly with no middle man, check them out, SummitCove Vacation Lodging on Find Rentals.

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