Posted on 9/30/2012 by Alyssa Hubbard

Ski Vacation Packing List

Packing for a ski trip requires a little more thought than the ordinary trip, as there is alot of gear and clothing involved.  When packing your clothes, remember: Layers are your friends and cotton is not. Cotton holds moisture in and will actually make you colder if it becomes wet.  Blended 'wicking' fabrics and layers will keep you dry and warm, making you a happy skier or rider.  Use this list below as your 'base layer' when packing for your next Colorado Ski Vacation.


- Base 'thermal' layer top & bottom. Long underwear, tights, etc. avoid cotton and look for blended 'wicking' fabrics that will keep you dry. - Warm socks, (avoid cotton, look for a wool blend) bring multiple pairs. - Sweaters/long sleeve shirts for wearing around the Village at Keystone - Light sweatshirt or flannel shirt for layering or as a substitute for a jacket on a nice day - 1 to 2 pairs of jeans or pants (one casual and one dressy dark pair) - Turtleneck (optional) - One 'dressy' outfit for nice dinners... think dark jeans and a warm sweater with boots. Remember its cold and you're in the mountains!  You won't see many people wearing dresses, ties, or high heels of any kind. - 'Lounge' clothes for game night at your condo or a movie - Swimsuit to enjoy the heated pools, hot tubs, and saunas - 'Cover up' clothes to wear TO the pool and hot tub - PJs/Sweats - Undergarments


- Hat - Scarf - Warm, water-resistant gloves - Glove liners (depends on your gloves) - Facemask - Bandana (Can be used as a facemask or under your helmet) - Googles. If you don't have a pair you should really think about investing in some; they will last you a VERY long time,  keep your face warm and eyes tear-free and protected from the winds and sun. An orange lens is a great 'all-around' lens. Yellow or clear lenses are great for night skiing and the 'fire' or dark lenses are great for very bright, sunny days (but terrible for night skiing).  Look for discounted ski clearance shops online or the 'one deal at a time' type of websites that feature snow gear, you can often find a great pair for only $30-$40. - Sunglasses, it's VERY sunny in Colorado! - Warm jacket or shell - Fleece or sweatshirt to go under shell-style jackets - Waterproof ski pants- jeans or windbreaker style pants will NOT do the job - Snow boots or trail shoes to wear around town - Pea coat or other jacket to wear when not skiing (not necessary)

Miscellaneous Items

- Camera - Camera battery charger or extra batteries - Helmet Cam (if you have one) - Sunblock (or plan on buying some here) - Playing cards - Chapstick - Tylenol or Advil for sore muscles or headaches - Prescription Medicines - Reusable water bottle - Toiletries.. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, tweezers, makeup, etc. - IPod or MP3 Player w/ Headphones - Flip Flops to wear to the pool - Slippers - Laptop or IPad to send photos to your friends and make them totally jealous - A good book to read by the fireplace - Ski Passes or tickets if you have them - Cell phone - Phone charger - Travel journal to record your trip memories - Hand/foot warmers (if you tend to get cold)

A Few Tips:

- Pack & dress in layers. Colorado weather changes quickly so you may need to add or remove a layer in your outfit to achieve that perfect temperature.  You will even notice a drop in the temperature once the sun goes behind the mountain. - It can be cold on the slopes, but remember you will be moving and working your body-  no need to OVER dress or you will find yourself sweating under your jacket! Many people don't realize how much sun and warm winter days we have in Colorado. The coldest moments are on the chairlift or during a snowstorm, but you can always hop on the gondola to warm up! - Drink lots of water before and during your vacation. It helps to prevent altitude sickness and combat our dry winter air. - If you are bringing your own equipment, stuff and 'pad' your ski bag with the bulkier jackets and pants to provide extra padding for your gear and save room in your suitcase! Don't forget your boots, helmet, and ski poles! - Get your equipment waxed ahead of time so its ready to go when you get here. - If you will be renting skis or boards, reserve them ahead of time for the best selection and to ensure the shop doesn't run out of gear before you get there. Mountain View Sports offers 25% off rentals to SummitCove Guests. - Look early for discount lift tickets online or consider buying a season pass. They usually pay for themselves after 4-5 days.  See your confirmation e-mail for a link to discount lift tickets.    
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