Posted on 2/14/2016 by Alyssa Hubbard

Ten Things to Do in Keystone Without Your Skis

So you've booked your Keystone Ski Vacation, but let's face it: you might not be up to skiing EVERY day you're here, and that's ok! Keystone has a plethora of fun activities to keep you busy while you take a day off from your skis or snowboard. [caption id="attachment_22469" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Downhill Snow Tubing at the Frisco Adventure Center- So Much Fun![/caption] 1. Snow Tubing at Adventure Point Fun for all ages, you have to give it a try while you are visiting Keystone. Go at it alone or pile on together as you speed down the course, spinning away.  Can't get enough tubing? Head to the Frisco Adventure Park on Day 2 for a new course of rolling hills, views and fun! 2. Explore the larger than life Kidtopia Snow Fort Each year comes with a new design and each year it seems to get bigger and better! Have a snowball fight while exploring this larger than life snow fort, open most of the ski season at Keystone Resort. 3. See a live band at the Snake River Saloon The Snake River Saloon is one of Keystone's staples for seeing great live music. Located just outside of River Run, in the Mountain House Village, it's a great local's spot to catch a concert and do some dancing!  Go early for dinner and skip the Saloon cover charge. 4. Enjoy a relaxing massage at Serenity Spa & Salon Serenity Spa and Salon is conveniently located down the hall from SummitCove Lodging and is one of Keystone's only Aveda salons.  Enjoy one of their Keystone Signature Hot Stone Massage or an Elemental Nature Massage featuring Aveda aromatherapy oils and truly relax while you enjoy your Keystone vacation.  [caption id="attachment_22473" align="alignleft" width="315"] Ice Skating at the Dercum Square Rink in Keystone's Main River Run Village[/caption] 5. Go ice skating at one of the largest and most beautiful outdoor ice rinks in North America at Keystone Lake! Keystone has not one, but two of the coolest ice skating rinks around! Whether you've never skated or you are a hockey champ or figure skating pro, ice skating is fun for everyone.  At Keystone Lake, stay at a Lakeside Village condo such as Lake Shore or Montezuma and watch the skaters from your private balcony!  Staying in River Run?  Check out the Dercum Square Ice Rink, it's a little smaller, but still loads of fun! 6. Enjoy a crepe while strolling through River Run Village The Crepe Stand will make you a gourmet crepe, savory or sweet, to enjoy while you stroll around the village, do some window shopping, stop at the outdoor fire pit, or marvel at the holiday lights. 7. Go snowshoeing near the Snake River There are endless places to check out with a pair of snowshoes.  Head up to Montezuma, stroll around by the Snake River or check out the Keystone Gulch area.  Wherever you go, you're sure to find great views and a serene, peaceful setting. [caption id="attachment_22474" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Find incredible views and peace while you explore the hills of Keystone on a pair of snowshoes[/caption] 8. Have a gourmet fondue dinner at 11,000 feet at Der Fondue Chessel One of the most unique restaurants in Colorado, the Der Fondue Chessel is a ton of fun and an experience you and your family won't soon forget!  It starts with a gondola ride to North Peak, where you'll enter a Bavarian style hall, complete with a grand fireplace and strolling musicians. You'll feel like you are spending a night in the Alps! 9. Sip on a Colorado-brewed cold one on the deck of New Moon Cafe in the warm Colorado sunshine The New Moon Cafe in River Run Village is a great place to stop in during Happy Hour, with over 30 beers and daily specials. Take your beer out to the deck on a warm Spring day and enjoy the sunshine! 10. Take a dip in a hot tub while the snow is falling If you've never been in a hot tub with snow falling down, you are missing out!  Most of Keystone's main lodges feature common hot tubs. Some of our favorites include The Springs and Hidden River Lodge, for their amazing ski slope views! Written By: Alyssa Hubbard  
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