Posted on 8/25/2016 by Alyssa Hubbard

The *True* Investment Value in a Keystone Vacation Rental

Are your curious about buying a property in the mountains?
Not ready to commit to buying but just doing research?
What resort is the best place?
How can I afford it?
It is really an investment?

There are times in a person's life when they might ask these types of questions. Maybe you have toddlers and need to escape the hectic routines on weekends. Maybe you are a working professional who is tired of the traffic when driving to go skiing every weekend. Maybe you are retired and have always dreamed of a place in the mountains. Perhaps you want to share your excitement and experiences of skiing with your grandkids! Whatever category you fit into, you are not alone. There is something about the mountains that calls all of us. We see it in our own employees - travelling thousands of miles to live in the mountains of Colorado. The mountains are why we are here and it's more than obvious when you see happy people all around you even in a summer thunderstorm downpour or the wildest winter blizzard!'re thinking of buying a place in the mountains. People come to us with all sorts of motivations and goals - less traffic, more family time, pure monetary investment, first tracks on a powder day, working from home - but with an incredible view, wanting to get the kids into the outdoors....the list goes on.

What IS the true investment value in owning a property in Keystone? While the numbers can be turned and twisted to make or break a case for buying a property, it takes some reflection to fully understand what the investment really is.

It's easy for a Realtor to tell you, "Think of the investment in your family" if you have small kids. WOW...what a heart string to pull on! But - stop and think about that for a little while. How often do you get to spend time playing with your kids in the snow without a cell phone ringing? How often are you able to get away from work, homework, after-school activities, and all the busy stuff going on when you have a young family? What if you DID have the time to spend? What kind of relationships and experiences would you create for yourself and your kids?

Maybe your kids are away from home or you are retired. You worked hard all these years and now you have the time to spend doing what YOU want to do! Time in the mountains - doing the things you really enjoy - fishing, biking, hiking, skiing. Fresh air, no traffic...the possibilities are endless!

OK...come back to reality now.

Will a property in the mountain pay for itself? How can I afford it? That's where SummitCove Property Management can help. We can offer the nuts and bolts horsepower to help you realize the *real* reason you want to buy a property in Keystone. We are the largest independent, best rated and award winning professional property management company in Keystone. We can generate the revenue from your property in order for you to realize the investment you are looking for in owning a property in Keystone...and make it completely worry-free in the process!

At SummitCove, we know why you come to the mountains. It's definitely not to paint a wall or fix that drip in under the sink. But if you need that done, we have you covered so you can simply show up to that freshly painted wall, new faucet, and clean property. You come to the mountains to enjoy your time and invest in yourself, your family, and enjoy the outdoors with some serious comfort! At SummitCove Property Management, we fully understand this concept and are prepared to make your investment- whatever it might be for you personally, a complete reality.

Call us today even if you are just thinking about a property in Keystone Ski Resort. We have 15 years of experience to help you make the best decision possible.  We can offer you advice on which building suits your needs, provide rental revenue projections and more to help you move forward and find something that will work for you. Do your homework with us. We don't sell Real Estate, but we know some solid people who do, so we are happy to put you in touch with someone.  It's time to stop dreaming and make this ski season the one you finally can enjoy to it's fullest potential!


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