Posted on 3/6/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

Try a Family Takeout Meal After Your Ski Day From Pug Ryans Brewery

We love to go to Keystone and ski, but I do not want to cook for my family every night, and I also do not want to spend an arm and a leg feeding five of us. I guess I want it all, and I found it all at Pug Ryan's Brewery in Dillon. Pugs offers family style take out. I call ahead to order, and we stop in Dillon on our way into Keystone and pick up dinner for that night and sometimes two nights.

We love their BBQ Platter and it is enough to feed 2 adults, 2 teenagers and one kid. It comes with an entire rack of smoked ribs, 2 pounds of melt in your mouth pulled pork, bison brats, coleslaw and delicious mashed potatoes with gravy. We add a large family style salad and everyone is happy and eating delicious food! Sometimes we also grab a cold Meatloaf dinner to have a few nights later. I pop the meatloaf in the oven and I have another hearty dinner for my family of hungry skiers after our day out on the ski slopes. There are always leftovers for lunch, which also makes my life as a mom so much more relaxing on vacation. We also get a couple of growlers with their freshly brewed Colorado craft beer. I like to get the Cerveza Rubia which is a Mexican Amber Ale. My husband picks the Peacemaker Pilsner. You honestly can not beat the beer at Pug Ryan’s. You can tell it is brewed right there with love and care.

Pug Ryan’s is a one stop shop for beer and food. It takes us just 10 minutes to pick up meals and beer, and then we are in our condo in Keystone eating 10 minutes later. Instead of standing on my sore ski legs making dinner, I am sitting down enjoying my Amber Ale, resting my legs so I can ski more tomorrow! Thank you Pug Ryan’s for making my life so much better!

We are also planning a family reunion in the summer and I will be using Pug’s family style take out for that event too. They sure know how to take care of large families and the food is absolutely delicious!

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