Posted on 3/7/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

Bluebird Oxygen Saved Our Vacation

Coming from sea level in Florida we were very nervous about the altitude in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We were having a family reunion in Keystone, Colorado. My older parents were also coming, and I was even more worried about the affects the altitude could have on them.

We booked our homes and condos for the family reunion through SummitCove Lodging, and I expressed my concern about the change in altitude to them. They recommended that we call Bluebird Oxygen, and that was the best advice! Bluebird Oxygen has oxygen concentrators instead of tanks. The concentrators pull the air out of the room and concentrate the oxygen, so you never run out. Two people can use it at the same time if you get the Y connector instead of the straight connector.

On Bluebird’s Oxygen’s website it is very easy to order the concentrators. The prices are reasonable, and the more nights you have the concentrator the lower the price is per night. We were staying 7 nights so I was glad the pricing was fair. Bluebird Oxygen also delivers to your property. Most of the family was staying in River Run Townhomes 66, 96, 100, 63 and 56. We had one concentrator in our townhome and one at my parent’s. All the other family members were jealous because those of us with the oxygen concentrators were sleeping better and had more energy. One of my Aunts did get mild altitude sickness, and she used our concentrator until her’s was delivered, and it really helped her get rid of her headache and nausea.

The concentrators are also bubble humidifiers, and that is really important because it is as dry as a gator in the hot sun in Colorado. SummitCove had humidifiers in each bedroom, but we put the concentrator in the living room and ran the humidifier when we were not using it for oxygen.

All in all our Keystone, Colorado family reunion was a huge success! Everyone loved the mountains and felt great! We made beautiful memories because everyone was able to participate in all of our planned activities. I don’t know if that would have been the case without Bluebird Oxygen. They are a game changer and a life saver!

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