Posted on 3/12/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

Ski and Snowboard Rentals Delivered

We love Keystone and enjoy spending a long weekend hitting the slopes and relaxing in a condo! Last year we discovered Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery, and I will never set foot into a ski rental shop again! I’ve never cared for crowded ski shops so we are very grateful we know about Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery. I made our reservations in advance, online, and I also received a discount for being a SummitCove Lodging guest. It was easy!

We arrived at our beautiful condo Antlers Gulch 303,  We chose this condo because it’s own front door and we don’t have to trudge through a condo complex. A few hours later our ski tech from Black Tie arrived. He brought in multiple pairs of boots for all 8 of us, as well as skis and boards. We had a second floor condo so he climbed all those stairs with all that equipment. The ski tech put the boots on the kids, which saved my back, and he made sure they were the right size. Our tech was funny and joked with the kids and made us laugh. It was a fun way to kick off our vacation! Once we all had our gear fitted the tech offered to carry all of the equipment down to the car that was parked in the garage. We sent a few of the older kids with him but I thought it was so considerate of him to carry all the equipment down the stairs after he carried all of it up!

We skied for 3 days and everyone felt good in their boots. Ski boots are never a cake walk, but these boots did not feel like the overused rental boots, they were new and so were the skis and snowboards. We had a fantastic time in Keystone and we were sad when it was our last day. Happily we did not have to carry one ski, boot or board from the car into a rental shop because Black Tie returned and picked up all the gear. It really made vacation feel easy! Thank you Black Tie for providing excellent equipment and service!

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