Posted on 3/14/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

Wine and Animal Lovers- This Spot is For You

Saved by the Wine is a new wine bar, bakery, and restaurant in Dillon, CO. It was the first place my husband and I stopped on our Keystone vacation. My husband and I were celebrating new jobs, and we decided Keystone would be the premier place to spend a weekend. When we booked our lodging with SummitCove, I mentioned to Michelle, our Vacation Planner, that we were celebrating, and she suggested we go to Save by the Wine. Michelle was very helpful and showed me the electronic Key to Keystone coupon book that SummitCove has on their website and also gives to their guests. She pointed out Save by the Wine’s coupon and also said that the food and wine are fantastic. I told her my husband didn’t drink wine, and she said they also had a full bar with beer and cocktails. It sounded perfect and it was!

Saved by the Wine is a cute, little place with fun colors, small tables and a deck with a view of the beautiful mountains. It has a relaxed atmosphere and incredible customer service. They have specials every day, live music on Sundays, and Trivia on Tuesdays. The sommelier was so friendly. He gave me fun information about wines and explained how the soil creates different tastes in wine. I ordered a flight of wine and my husband had local Breckenridge Bourbon. All the wines were good, but I loved the Kono Sauvignon Blanc. Their food menu is small and their kitchen is tiny, but the food they make is marvelous! With our coupon from the Key to Keystone book, we saved 50% on the charcuterie board! It was so delicious and we enjoyed the crisp apples, and the artisanal meats and cheeses complimented with wine berry jam. We also had the personal chicken pot pie which is made from scratch; the crust was light and flaky and the filling was savory! I had to try the cheese fondue, and it blew my mind! I consider myself a fondue connoisseur, and this fondue was unbelievable! It had a balsamic drizzle over the top of the creamy, melty Gruyere and Gouda that just burst with flavor! The homemade bread was lightly toasted, and each veggie was grilled and seasoned to perfection. It was served in a hot, bubbly skillet with fondue forks and it was so fun to eat!

Between my crisp wine and the amazing food I was in sensory heaven! I have not been that excited about food in a long time! I was giddy, like a kid, and wanted to lick the bottom of the fondu dish, but I didn’t. The wine is amazing, the food is top notch, the bourbon is smooth and the service is incredible! Just when you think this place can’t get any better, the most impressive thing about Saved by the Wine is that they donate part of their profits to animals! What is not to love about this place? We look forward to our next experience and want to try “build your own s’mores” and of course have more wine and fondue! We also heard that summer sunsets on the patio are incredible! We are already planning a summer visit to… you guessed it, the Keystone Wine & Jazz festival in July!

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