Posted on 12/15/2013 by Alyssa Hubbard

Twin Tunnels Project on I-70 Now Complete and Open!

Back in April of this year, the Colorado Department of Transportation started a new project, the widening of the eastbound Twin Tunnels on Interstate I-70 in hopes to ease traffic congestion and create a smoother flow, especially during peak times, such as Sunday afternoons.  All summer long, drivers felt the construction pains as they were routed onto a temporary route at slow speeds while the work was being completed. The project was finally announced as complete late last week and was well-worth the trouble.  A third lane was added to this section of the road and through the tunnel, making it much easier for people to keep speeds up during this section of the drive, thanks to the extra lane and wider, more-open and well lit tunnel.  This new lane is hoped to shave up to 30 minutes from drive times this winter! Although the third lane is now complete and open to the public, the project is still underway.  In 2015, CDOT plans to add a 'peak shoulder lane' that will run from the Empire Junction all the way to the Twin Tunnels at Idaho Springs that will become an express toll lane during peak travel times. The lane will be free to use during non-peak times. That project is expected to be complete by the end of summer 2015.   These major improvements are making it easier for everyone to enjoy a quick weekend getaway or vacation in the mountains!
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