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Whats your favorite Ski Run at Keystone Resort?

Skiing and Riding at Keystone Resort is perfect for familes, friends and groups.  One of the reasons we say this is that everytime we ask a simple question about Keystone we get completely different answers which proves there is something for everyone at Keystone Resort!  We polled our staff and here are some of the responses we received about Keystone Mountain, we work at the same place and everyone had a different answer!

What is your favorite ski run at Keystone Resort?

Marisa - My favorite run is Oh, Bob over in the Outback.  It's my favorite run because the snow is great and it has lots of moguls, it's not too crowded and its a nice long run

Favorite time to hit is is when it is too windy on the front side of the mountain, its still nice back there.

Carol- Going thru the trees!  It is soooo fun!!!! Its nicest in the early afternoon.

Wes - Waiting in lift lines is a cardinal sin, and should be avoided whenever possible. Around 10 30 the outback express lift has a huge line, and prospector is usually devoid. Prospector is also set up perfectly to allow for high speed runs. It will start to see some traffic usually around 1 30 or so, and that's when I hit jackhammer until I decide it's time to head home via the Mountain House base area, and I take paymaster into schoolmarm for that. Jackhammer is also by far the best run to hit on a powder day, because it's usually track free courtesy of everyone heading to the back sides.  I like to head over there when the line to the outback is longer than 5 minutes, or when other runs get crowded. I like my slopes to be barren and devoid of life.

Cheri- Starfire is my favorite ski run in Keystone, it is steep and bumpless!

Peter- My favorite run at Keystone is The Windows!  Great both in the winter and in the summer because it turns into a money mountain bike trail.  This run is perfect on Tuesdays at 9:47AM that allows for 2 cups of coffee, breakfast with the kids, and a warm up run off the Gondola before I rock out The Windows!

Caleb- My favorite run is Go Devil.  When I have my racing skis on, I can get going scary fast!  My favorite time to ski this run is when it is cold and icy. (not joking)  I really like it when this run is fast as lightning.  After I finish this run I typically make a park run and do it again.

Yeti-  Wombat Chutes, Yeti like it long time.

Wren- Bushwhacker is my favorite ski run because there is always great snow on it, and the pow stays nice all day but it is my favorite first thing in the Morning when I wake up and head out my condo to the slopes.  After a day of powder riding I like to Drink beer in the hot tub at the Springs and watch people tumble down River Run to the base.

Tyson- My Favorite run starts from the top of Dercum Mountain taking Spring Dipper, there are a ton of fun little jumps that make me appear to know how to ride like a pro, then on powder days of 6inches plus I drop JackFace into Jackwhacker and finish with a sprint down the steeps of River Run, with powder you don't worry about falling and you can bomb that ending all morning as people hurry to the back side I can get in 6 powder runs before getting second tracks!  Wednesday morning, first lift is when you will find me there!

Cindy- My favorite run is Porcupine on the Outback, it is my favorite becuase it has a wide slope, with bumps on one side and a gentle groomer on the other, that way if I want to feel a little crazy I can burn my legs and then bounce out for a nice bluebird run to cool down.  That is my favorite way to ski at Keystone!

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