Posted on 12/1/2019 by Alyssa Hubbard

Winter Activities That Make the Holidays Special at Keystone Resort

Keystone Resort is nothing short of MAGICAL during the holiday season.  The falling snowflakes, holiday lights and of course all of the wonderful holiday activities and events, all add up to make an unforgettable holiday experience with your loved ones.  Here are some of our favorite holiday activities and events to enjoy during your holiday vacation at Keystone.   Sleigh Rides Under the Stars Keep warm with a thermos of hot cocoa while you enjoy an evening under the stars under a warm, furry blanket.  Two Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides will provide a perfect experience that you and your family will reminisce about for years to come!   Ice Skating Outdoors Around a Larger Than Life Holiday Tree Keystone is home to 2 outdoor skating rinks, in River Run and Lakeside Village. Head to Keystone Lake at Lakeside Village and enjoy the largest Zamboni maintained outdoor skating rink in the country, while you dance around the huge holiday tree in the center of the rink.   Exploring The World's Largest Snow Fort Keystone Kidtopia creates the world's largest snow fort every year at the top of Dercum Mountain. Kids and adults can explore, play hide and seek and have snowball fights and more inside this fun snow fort!   Watching Fireworks Light Up the Mountain Every Saturday night, at 7 pm, look to the mountain to see a wonderful display of fireworks lighting up the skies over River Run.   Seeing 7,000 Pounds of Chocolate Transformed into a Magical Village The Chocolate Village at the Keystone Lodge & Spa is an annual tradition that gets better every year! Over 7,000 pounds of various types of chocolate are used to create this mini village that includes unbelievable features like a chocolate waterfall, working chocolate gondola and a rotating 6 foot chocolate Christmas tree!  This is a must see for any visit to Keystone during the holidays! River Run Santa with Reindeer Visiting Santa and His Reindeer Santa loves Keystone and visits multiple times over the holidays with his reindeer.  Kids can even enjoy a pancake breakfast with him!  
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