Posted on 12/21/2023 by Alyssa Hubbard

Oxygen Rentals Can Save Your Trip

When my family and I decided to embark on a ski adventure in the stunning mountains of Keystone, Colorado, we couldn't have been more excited. We were eager to hit the slopes, make memories, and revel in the winter wonderland. Little did we know that the high altitude would bring us face-to-face with altitude sickness. Thankfully, our stay with SummitCove Lodging and the assistance of Rent Oxygen turned our ski trip into an unforgettable experience.

As we rolled into Keystone, the anticipation was building. Our SummitCove Lodging property was an absolute gem, boasting cozy furnishings and picturesque views of the snow-covered mountains. We couldn't wait to start our skiing adventure, but Mother Nature had a different plan in store for us.

It was on our second day in Keystone that my husband, Mark, and our eldest daughter, Emily, began to feel the effects of altitude sickness. Dizziness, pounding headaches, and shortness of breath slowly crept in, casting a cloud over our excitement. My younger daughter, Lily, and I were fine, but seeing our loved ones suffering was concerning, to say the least.

Desperate to salvage our trip, we began researching altitude sickness solutions. That's when we discovered Rent Oxygen, a local company that specializes in providing oxygen concentrators for altitude-related ailments. With a glimmer of hope, we contacted them, and they assured us that they could help.

Within a few hours, a representative from Rent Oxygen arrived at our property. They were incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic, making the process seamless. They set up a portable oxygen concentrator for Mark and Emily, explaining its use and ensuring they were comfortable with the equipment.

The difference the oxygen concentrator made was nothing short of remarkable. Mark and Emily's symptoms began to subside almost immediately, and their smiles returned. Our ski trip was back on track, thanks to the rapid response and expertise of Rent Oxygen.

Throughout our journey, our property with SummitCove Lodging, Pines 2086, was our haven. Their property not only provided comfort but also served as a welcoming retreat after our adventures on the slopes. The property management team was attentive and supportive, working in tandem with Rent Oxygen to ensure our needs were met.

Our Keystone ski trip was a rollercoaster of emotions, from the initial excitement to the unexpected battle with altitude sickness. It was Rent Oxygen and SummitCove Lodging that turned our ski adventure into an unforgettable experience. Altitude sickness may have tried to dampen our spirits, but with the right resources and accommodations, we conquered it.

For anyone planning a ski trip to high-altitude destinations like Keystone, it's essential to be prepared for altitude sickness. Companies like Rent Oxygen can be a lifeline in such situations, offering not only equipment but also expert guidance. And choosing a comfortable and accommodating property like those offered by SummitCove Lodging ensures that you have a welcoming home to return to after your mountain escapades.

Our family's journey is a testament to the power of determination and the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. With the right support, altitude sickness can be managed, allowing you to relish the beauty and adventure that places like Keystone have to offer.

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