Posted on 1/30/2020 by Alyssa Hubbard

Save on Mountain View Sports Gear Rentals

My best friend traveled to Keystone to teach her beach kids how to ski.  They are from San Luis Obispo, California and her kids are 5 and 8 years old.  They needed ski rentals, so I took them to my favorite ski rental shop in Keystone, Mountain View Sports.  We walked in the shop and as usual we were greeted by happy, smiling people. My friend's kids had been in the car for 2 hours and they were pretty rowdy.  The rental shop guy happened to be a surfer/snowboarder from Cali so he instantly connected with the kids and got the screwdrivers out of their hands and ski boots on their feet.  The ski tech had a great attitude and sense of humor with the hyper kiddos. The kids had never worn ski boots and when the 3 year old put the boots on it felt so strange to him that he couldn't walk!  It was kind of hilarious, the little guy looked like a clumsy Bigfoot with sticky feet. The ski tech got down on the little guy's level and gave him some tips on walking and before we knew it, he was running around the shop in those ski boots, chasing zombies and he didn't want to take them off.  The ski tech chased a few zombies too. The ski tech also recommended hand warmers for the kids, which was the best suggestion in the world. Mountain View Sports also has a retail store so my friend bought some Keystone stickers and hats. We had a really good time renting ski gear and they also gave us a discount!     The kid's gear was really nice and new.  Sometimes kids gear is beat up and I was impressed with the great condition the kid's skis, boots and helmets were in.  The tech walked outside with us and put the gear and the kids in the car. Both boys thought they had just met a snowboard god!  The ski tech really made our experience fun and he did all the work of getting those ski boots on and off the kids and he made it fun for them.  Both kids were so excited to go skiing but they said next time they wanted to go snowboarding, like our ski tech.   Thank you for the great service and gear Mountain View Sports!  We will be back!  
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