Posted on 11/14/2009 by Alyssa Hubbard

Thanksgiving in Keystone Snow should be great this year again!

Thanksgiving Skiing in Keystone has become a tradition for me. I love getting together with friends and family, waking up first thing and looking out the window and finding that Keystone has been blessed with a couple of new inches of powder for my annual Thanksgiving turkey runs! I have convinced myself that as long as I get in 4 runs in the morning I can head back to my luxury keystone lodging and enjoy a big fat turkey dinner! It must equal out right, after all I did sit down to ride up the River Run Gondola, had to catch my breath at the top and then ski down with burning legs and get back on a bus and ride over to my favorite neighborhood in Keystone Settlers Creek to enjoy a quick hot tub before nibbling on the goodies that show up like deviled eggs, the great dips, the snacks that fill you up before you can even sit down and enjoy your real thanksgiving dinner in Keystone! I am looking forward to another great day of powder turkey runs! Hopefully you can grab your family and bring them up to Keystone this year for some turkey runs of your own, its fun, the crowds are manageable and the atmosphere can not be beat! See you on the slopes!

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