Posted on 9/23/2017 by Alyssa Hubbard

What is There to Do at Keystone if I Don't Ski or Snowboard?

Summit County or the Colorado Rockies in general, is one of the most active places on the planet whether it is winter or summer. But what happens if you suddenly find yourself unable to participate (perhaps from an injury) or just don't enjoy or aren't good at some of its main draws, such as skiing or snowboarding?   The first, easiest, and in my opinion most pleasurable thing to do is explore the dining options in Summit County. Keystone Resort in particular is a leader in this category, whether it is Der Fondue Chessel or The Alpenglow Stube (The highest 4 Diamond Rated Restaurant in North America) on top of the hill, or the Ski Tip Lodge or Keystone Ranch (28 out of 30 by Zagat) you are sure to find some of the best dining options in Summit County. Nearby Frisco, Colorado is no slouch here either with the somewhat unknown Food Hedz, a restaurant started up by a former Keystone Ranch chef, so you know it's great!   As for local watering holes, in Keystone you will find a great variety of bars including the infamous Kickapoo Tavern.  This place is known for their awesome apres-ski patio!  Some other options to check out in River Run Village is the 9280' Taphouse, Zuma Roadhouse and Spoon Cafe. In Mountain House look for the Last Lift Bar, the Snake River Saloon and Dos Locos Mexican Cantina. There are also a number of local breweries in Summit County including the well-known Dam Brewery and Broken Compass.   For those of us who live here, we tend to forget what an inescapably beautiful location it is. As is such I got back to an old college pastime and broke out the camera and started snapping away. The constantly changing weather conditions can often change how a photo presents from moment to moment. I would imagine if I could paint, it would be quite incredible too.   There are plenty of options for taking specialty classes at CMC as well, such as an Asian Cuisine Cooking Course or enjoying a night of pottery painting at Ready, Paint, Fire over in Lakeside Village. [caption id="attachment_26822" align="alignleft" width="262"] Enjoy a fun night at Ready, Paint, Fire and make your own masterpiece while you enjoy a cocktail![/caption]   If shopping is your thing, The Outlets in Silverthorne are a formidable opponent for even the most seasoned shopping enthusiast. There are some great deals here and name brands like American Eagle, J Crew, Crocs, Bath and Body Works, The Gap, The Colorado Store and more.  The Outlets are just about a 10 minute drive into Silverthorne from Keystone Resort. You can also head to the spa for an amazing day of relaxation and pampering.   One of the other things that can really captivate is the live music here in Summit County. From the Snake River Saloon in Keystone to the Motherloaded Tavern in Breckenridge to SilverHeels or the Barkley Ballroom in Frisco, live music is a staple of any small town or community and there is no short supply here.  In the summer, Keystone Resort is home to some of the best festivals in the nation that bring in huge music acts, as well as some not as well-known, up and coming acts that you will love and they are all free to attend!  There are also weekly summers at the Dillon Amphitheater and Frisco's Historical Park with their 'Concerts in the Park'.  The best part is that you can find FREE LIVE MUSIC almost any day of the week here in Summit County.   Depending upon your injury, condition, or lack of skill that is preventing you from enjoying the more 'hardcore' activities here, there are other options that aren't quite as physical. Ice Fishing is a great unique activity to partake in although it is catch and release. If you are able to sustain some degree of physicality and want something a little more adventurous you can also try Dogsledding or Snowmobiling. There are even places to Zipline in the winter for the adrenaline junkies, at Top of the Rockies Zip Line.  Nordic skiing and snowshoeing are also great ways to get outside during the winter that don't require as much skill or commitment. Snow tubing and ice skating are also very popular family activities that are right here in Keystone! [caption id="attachment_26823" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Zip Lining in the Winter with Top of the Rockies Zip Line[/caption]   Lastly, if you arrive in one piece, but happen to be unfortunate enough to injure yourself while on vacation you can rest easy, we have some of the best Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physical Therapists in the world right here. Vail-Summit Orthopaedics and Steadman Hawkins are among the world leaders in sports medicine.   There are so many things to do here in Keystone in addition to skiing and snowboarding.  Plan your winter family vacation in Keystone today and you can rest assured you will have plenty of fun things to do!  You may even end up adding additional nights to your stay when you realize how many things you will want to pack into each day!    
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