Posted on 7/30/2022 by Alyssa Hubbard

Summit Saver - Rent Oxygen

My group of friends and I are in our mid-sixties and we plan big group trips. We love to climb mountains and conquer fourteeners. We live in Denver and every summer we go on a hiking trip together. This summer we decided to stay in Keystone because of the remarkable beauty and because we were close to several different mountains to climb. Several of us stayed in the East Keystone area so we would all be close together. We stayed in a beautiful townhome with SummitCove Lodging, Alders 46 Outpost Dr., in East Keystone. SummitCove has several options in both The Alders and in Settlers Creek Townhomes. When we checked in, the friendly front desk person at SummitCove gave us a coupon book. I thumbed through it and noticed a coupon for oxygen rentals. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but I did later after we climbed Baldy Mountain.

Coming from Denver you would think that the altitude would not affect us much, however at the top of Baldy we were all feeling the effects of high altitude. We descended with no problem but felt more fatigue than normal and our muscles were weak. Driving back to Keystone we were talking about how the altitude affected us more than it ever has and the day after next we were planning on climbing Quandary Peak, which is a fourteener. Then I remembered the coupon book from SummitCove for oxygen!

SummitCove Lodging also has an electronic version of their coupon book, so I was able to pull up the coupon for  Rent Oxygen on my phone. I called and spoke to a very helpful representative. He explained that Rent Oxygen uses oxygen concentrators instead of oxygen tanks. He said, the tanks run out of oxygen in 3-5 hours and the concentrator pulls in air and concentrates the air immediately, so the machine never runs out of oxygen. He also said, we should add a “splitter,” so two people can use the machine at the same time. It was reasonably priced. They delivered it to our townhome and picked it up. With our coupon from SummitCove Lodging we saved 10% on our rental. Thanks, SummitCove!

I was super impressed with how fast Rent Oxygen delivered the machine. It was within one hour of my phone call. The friendly representative brought the machine into our townhome and showed us how to use it. It was very easy to use and we were glad we added the splitter so two of us could use the machine at the same time. Two by two we took turns sucking oxygen and we started to feel better. The fatigue and sore muscles faded. None of us slept with the oxygen but we all had a restful night's sleep and we were ready to conquer Quandary Peak! Oxygen really made a positive difference in how each of us felt.

We had a great hike and made it to the summit! We all felt better than after the prior hike,  but we could still feel the lack of oxygen at the top. We were 14,272 feet above sea level. While we hung out on the top of this grand mountain and took some pictures, we joked that it was a good thing our beloved oxygen machine was back at the townhouse waiting for us! We had a smooth descent and made our way back to Keystone. Again, we took turns sucking oxygen and again we all felt better; less fatigued and less muscle soreness. My friends and I decided that using Rent Oxygen is a ‘must have’ every time we do a hiking vacation. Lucky for us, they deliver all over the mountain areas.

Alleviating the symptoms of altitude sickness, with oxygen, helped all of us feel stronger while hiking and we could enjoy our vacation more. Thank you Rent Oxygen for taking care of us, little bit older, ladies! We appreciated the excellent customer service and quick delivery time. We will be returning customers for many more hiking trips!

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